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New Beginning

Finding Peace with Change

Ever feel like you are being pulled in another direction? Ever desire a fresh start? As we navigate our own paths in life, we may face challenges or find inspiration so compelling that it forces us to change trajectory. And sometimes, whether we like it or not, we have to accept that inevitably change is and was our only possibility.

According to ancient cultures, a solar eclipse signifies a new beginning, an omen, and balance and order. I had an exciting, somewhat serendipitous, opportunity to see the total solar eclipse in Wyoming first hand. As I watched the moon blot out the sun, I felt an overwhelming sense of humbleness about how insignificant we really are in comparison to the mechanics of the universe. The experience was more profound then I ever imagined. The pettinessof my current life started to fade and time felt so precious that I didn't want to waste another day not living up to my fullest potential. I also realized that, albeit the road ahead is unpaved and uncertain, change is the only way we will grow into the people we want to be.

Starting over can be a scary endeavor, big or small, but remembering it can be the conduit to a happy and self-fulling life can help. When we take a closer look at basic human necessity, we all crave to be accepted, to be loved, to be heard, and to know ourtrue purpose. Change can help us shed our past traumas and behaviors, thought patterns, and relationships that don't serve us and help us move forward towards these goals; resisting change often causes feelings of stagnancy, fearfulness, or even physical pain and mental fog. Moving in a state of flow and allowing change to unfold can help us discover our truest selves, create harmony in our relationships, and benefit our state of mind and body.

If you have grown attached to your way of life and to the things and people around you, practice yoga. Yoga, along with with many physical and emotional benefits, can ease the transition by reminding us of the power of non-attachment or vairagya and provides us with mental and emotional freedom which can allows us to reach a higher consciousness and ultimately see our true path. The paradox of yoga is in order for detachment to work, we need to commit to practicing yoga and embracing change. If we find the courage inside, change will probably be the best and healthiest thing we do for ourselves.

If you have been afraid to embark on a new beginning, to end a toxic relationship, shed past trauma, make a career change, or start something new or don't know where to start, here are some small and big ideas to help you welcome change and lead a proactive and happy life:
1. Remove emotional negativity and allow positivity to fill the space. Sometimes we are so entangled in negativity that it seems impossible to let go. Use meditation, yoga, or talk therapy to quiet the incessant chatter of the mind. Even small moments of release in negative thought can have a positive impact on your well-being. Patanjali's Yoga Sutras may provide you extra guidance on non-attachment and quieting the mind.

2. Let go of toxic relationships and increase your quality of life. Sometimes toxic relationship doesn't mean just with your partner. It could be less obvious such as your relationship with food, exercise, watching tv, texting, social media, or with yourself. If you find yourself constantly telling stories of how you are not good enough, maybe it is time to re-evaluate your self-worth. Read this article from Elephant Journal on how to take action.

3. Talk it out with a professional and get un-tangled. Not sure what you want or direction to take, set up an appointment with a talk therapist because they are trained to untangle you. There is nothing better sometimes then to download to an outsider that is 100% there for you. Talk therapy is scientifically proven to be beneficial and enhance your overall well-being to boot!

4. Sit with the pain and find peace. Most of us avoid emotional painlike it's the plague but with any life change, you will need to face it. Being patient with your feelings will most likely pay off with your emotional strength in the end. Suppressing thoughts or feelings has also been found to be emotionally harmful so if you find it challenging, try breathing slowly and deeply to tolerate the strong feelings that come up. Choose to express yourself in a journal, or through painting, music, or other creative outlets to gain some relief.

5. Go on an adventure and listen to your heart. It could be a road trip, vacation, camping trip, music festival, or yoga retreat like my AcroYoga Idaho Weekend Getaway or Divine Play AcroYoga Festival. Whatever adventure you choose, go! It will most definitely provide some clarity and medicine for your well needed transformation!

6. Smudge with Sage and clear out bad energy and welcome in positivity. This Native American Ritual calls on spirits of sacred plants to drive away negative energies and put you back in a state of balance, peace, and harmony. Science even shows that when sage is burned, it purifies the air releasing negative ions which has been linked to a more positive mood. Sage aromatherapy has also been found to combat depression, anger, fear, and grief.

7. Develop a new growth mindset and take risks. Sometime we don't have the right answers all the time, sometimes we fail. Failure is an opportunity for growth and learning. So try out that novel you have been wanting to write or pick up a brush and start painting that picture again. We all have to start somewhere (and at any age).

8. Practice Yoga or AcroYoga and reconnect with your inner child! Sometimes, life seems too heavy and play is the perfect antidote! Come to my AcroYoga Basics & Beyond workshop at Yoga Raj in Santa Monica September 30. Develop trust, form new friendships, and get upside down to see right side up.

9. Make small wins and change your attitude. The longer path to work might take longer but it will provide new scenery and heightened awareness instead of the same old autopilot route. Eat new foods, savor in new delights, try the new yoga/pilates class down the street, or go on a bike ride - even the smallest change could have real psychological and emotional benefits!

10. Let it be and forgive yourself for not knowing right now. Opening up to change takes time and there is no rush. The journey can provide the same clarity especially if you start opening up to people and sharing your thoughts. Watching TED Talks can provide inspiration or confiding in a friend or partner might help steer you in the right direction. But remember ultimately you should change for yourself and no one else.

Just as we are unique in our personalities, we are unique in the way that we change. Choose the resources and guides that work best for you on your journey. These are just some helpful tips that worked for me! I only wish you the best of luck on finding happiness and peace.

If you are willing to share your story or having any questions, contact me at or direct message me @acrogoddes on Instagram.