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Nuture Inspiration

Trying to find inspiration, is no easy task. Maybe instead of searching for inspiration, allow it to come to you. This autumn season, take a moment to slow down and make space for personal reflection. As the days are getting cooler and darker, we have the opportunity to dive deep within and tap into our inspirational selves. The energizing warmer months are dying down, and it is quieter and easier to listen to your inner voice.. Instead of forcing creativity or motivation, build a nurturing space so that inspiration naturally and spontaneously arrives.

Here are 10 tips to creating an inspiring life:

1) Switch it up and try something new. This doesn't necessarily mean change everything like your hair, your wardrobe, and your career all at once. Instead, baby steps. Once and awhile, take a different path home, try unusual food, or listen to unfamiliar complex music - maybe Fela Kutiwill provide a spark!

2) Embrace and honor change– whether in your job, relationship, or health. Don't resist the change but learn from it, it might be your bestteacher if you really listen.

3) Reflect on what worked and what didn’t work this year then jot down new ideas for pro-activism and optimism. Change statements like " I can't or I don't" to creative mantras like "What if" or "I am open to possibility." Simple, yet so powerful.

4) Cozy up and read the Four Agreements. This compelling book offers guidance on how to behave, how to handle relationships, and how to communicate with others. It is life changing.

5) Take a break from social media or the news. Living vicariously through someone else's lens will not support an authentic life nor will cultivating a fear-based view of the world. Tap into what you believe in and follow your heart.

6) Get out of your head and get moving. Go dance, take a walk, hike in nature, surf if your have an ocean nearby. Lose yourself in the movement and the beautiful and captivating scenery.

7) Take a yoga or AcroYoga class like my Yin-Yang AcroYoga workshopat Liberation Yoga (details below) and join the local community of artists, musicians, yogis, and other entrepreneurs.

8) Watch a TED talk. They are short, to the point, and powerful. And there are so many good ones like the Power of Vulnerability

9) Watch inspiring biographies like Charles Bradley: Soul of America. Learning how someone else defeats the impossible and finds inspirationin the most dire of situations, is just the medicine you need to notice that your life isn't so bad and that you already have the capacity to deliverinnovation or entrepreneurship.

10) Go travel - maybe it is to your nearest mountain or maybe it is to India! Either way, you will gain a new perspective that might be just what you need to fill your heart with inspiration!
Need more? I asked my closest friends and family how they findinspiration and this is what they said:
• In stillness and when I allow myself to stop moving, re-center, and open my channel. After a really deep conversation. –Yoga instructor/videographer
• In close community and friends. -Actor
• Walk in nature, slowing down senses, and consciously observing silence. –Holistic

Wellness coach
• I don’t try to find it. I let it come to me. –Musician/Producer